Blockchain is a special type of decentralized technique in which statistics have a chain of blocks, due to the characteristics of complex cryptography technology, transparency and availability for everyone, it is currently being developed as a fast-moving technology in the world.


           The block unit is the smallest unit. In each block, there is an accounting of the transaction at a particular time. There are mainly 5 information gathered in one block. Block number, the specific number of the current block (hash number), the last block's number, the time of its joining in blockchain and the data (transaction or data). The first block of any blockchain is called the Genesis block, which is slightly different from the other block. 

Block height 

          After the block of Genesis block, no block is connected to the number in the chain. This allows ease of doing blockchain related calculations, for example, one or more blocks are added every 10 minutes in the bitcoin blockchain. Similarly, lock time for etherium blockchain is 10-20 seconds, so block's total length or other information can be obtained with the help of block height.

                         The difference between public and permitted block chains 

       For the validity of each block in the public Blockchain system, any person can join as a minor, in return for which he receives an incentive amount, at the same time. access to block block approved block is limited to a specified group. Smart Contract - Smart Contract is an agreement between two parties, under the specific rules and conditions stored on the blockchain. Once signed, it can not be changed

Level of security

       Each block has a special hash number, which is made from a programmable algorithm called SH-256, all blocks in Blockchain technology are connected to each other. If the change in a particular block by making millions, billions of calculations, the hash number of that block will change, but in the next block already the conscious number of that block is recorded and it rejects the new change. That is why it is almost impossible to change once the statistics have been recorded. This complex cryptography technique protects it.

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