What is Bitcoin Wallet?

                                     The bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet in which you can store your all Bitcoins safely, and also you can do buy sell of bitcoin in bitcoin wallet. It works the same way your real and physical wallet works.Here you store the actual currency notes of your country. But in bitcoin wallets you can only store Bitcoins. this wallet provides you different Addresses to receive bitcoin.Bitcoin wallets also provide many other functionalities such as buying or selling by QR code reading and sharing the QR code to receive the Bitcoin currency.

Name of some bitcoin wallets

  There are many bitcoin wallets are available on internet like :
  • WAZIRX etc.
And also we can store bitcoin on exchanger like :

How to create bitcoin wallet?

  1. Download blockchain wallet from playstore/app store.
  2. Open this wallet.
  3. Click on create a wallet.
  4. Fill your email address and password and click on done
  5. Set your four digit pin.(DONE)
Important :
  1. Click on menu which is on top left side
  2. Click on backup fund
  3. Then choose start backup
  4. Write down all this 12 words in your notebook .(this words will help you to get your fund back when you will loss your phone or wallet)

 How to receive and send Bitcoin from wallet?

Receive :
  • Open QR code to receive bitcoin then show that code to sender and ask him/her to scan.

  • click on receive option copy the address and send address to bitcoin sender.
Send :
  •    Click on send option then scan the QR code and enter amount and send.
  • Get bitcoin address from receiver (text) and copy paste the address in send option then enter amount and click send.

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