Bitcoin - What is Bitcoin trading?

What is Bitcoin trading

Bitcoin is a digital money that is made by pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Invented on 31 October 2008, this computerized money was regulated in 2009 as an open-source stage.

There are lots of ways to earn bitcoin coins like mining,gambling,accepting bitcoin as a payment same as bitcoin trading is also a way of earning bitcoins but its a best to to earn bitcoins in simple way bitcoin trading means buying bitcoin on low price and sell it on high price.

  There are a lot of advantages of trading Bitcoin, for example, –

(1) Bitcoin is Global

Bitcoin is a computerized cash that clearly means it isn't related to economy of any nation. many nations like Japan and Australia have legalized Bitcoin as an payment method and demand of Bitcoin is increasing day by day.

(2) 24/7 Trading

What is Bitcoin trading

As Bitcoin is a decentralized computerized money so there are no time limit for trades like stock market. you can trade bitcoin anytime across world.

(3) Unstable

The price bitcoin in unstable so its can go up in minutes and also can go down. so this unstable factor of bitcoin creates lots of opportunities for traders.

 (4) Exchanges

There are many exchanges are available in market for trading like poloniex,binance,kucoin etc you just have to create account on best exchange and deposit your nation money and start trading.

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